An Innovative Wine Cellar

Many homes are building in or adding larger sized wine coolers, actual spaces that will accommodate more then the standard wine fridge. These are becoming areas that are not necessarily relegated to the basement, but become a feature in a designated area in the home.

I recently installed one in a home where the client wanted to store between 250 -300 bottles. The glass incased unit measures approximately 5’wide, 7’ high and 18”deep.  

Since there needs to be a vapor barrier, there was some room to have a little fun on the back wall of the unit. I collected several wooden wine boxes of varying sizes, separated the sides and lids and formed an eclectic collage with them. These boxes came with the vineyard label or the type of wine burned into them. Many are works of art. To take the idea even further, I had several of the client’s friends donate one or more of their boxes because the wine that came in it would be a favourite of the givers. Each signed it with a black felt pen and some made fun comments to go along with the signature.

After the glass was installed I tossed all the corks my client had saved over the years onto the floor of the cooler.  The project was an immense hit and is a great topic of conversation.