This home was an 80’s era build on a typical White Rock narrow lot.  It was long, narrow and dark with a dated layout.  The homeowners were very keen to bring it into 2016, creating a bright usable space.
The original layout included a very small kitchen andeating area, two bedrooms and two very small bathrooms.  An awkwardly placed fireplace didn’t allow for easy placement of furniture and was on its own at the front of the house.  Smallish windows at the front did not capture the view that could be had.
To begin, original plans were obtained, baring walls identified and new plans were drawn opening up the whole area.  A laundry room was shifted into place, along with a very nice powder room.
The master bedroom had a tiny closet and a very small three piece ensuite.
The homeowners wanted a proper ensuite, larger closet and a contemporary styled kitchen that was bright with good functionality.
Once wallsand doors were removed, or repositioned, the fun began.  Square footage was taken from the existing second bedroom and absorbed into the ensuite.  The owners wanted a jetted tub, and a shower, a vanity with two sinks and the water closet - a tall order for the existing space.  A “wet room” tub / shower was created.  The tub and shower are in the same “room", tiled floors, walls and ceiling, all behind seamless glazing with a large hinged shower door.
The result was spectacular and was capped off with a stunning 36x72 porcelain tile mounted on the wall behind the tub.
The closet is aHis and Hers walk through from the master to the ensuite, tripling the original closet space.
For the living room, the rounded brick fireplace was removed and a new linear gas one installed.  The surround was widened to house the TV and create a small niche below for seasonal decor.
The kitchen is now a gem.  The linear layout allows for more then one cook to be in the work area, andeasy movement from the front to the back of the house.  Windows were created under upper cabinets on either side of the range to allow light into the kitchen in a unique way.  Waterfalled Caesarstone countertops finish the central twin islands and showcase a stainless reveal.  Six single cubes of crystallight fixtures hang over the islands giving light and add to the airy feel.
A fantastic Jonathan Adler light fixture hangs in the foyer above the stairs.