The clova renovation

The Clova Theatre in Cloverdale was purchased by Crossridge Church, which had been renting it from the lessee for three years.  

Upon ownership the church wanted to create a higher functioning space in the foyer and theatre area.  To do this, the original concession stand was removed, the back wall was moved into the theatre space giving the foyer a generous area.

Washrooms were in dire need of updating and a handicap / family washroom needed to be added.  Each washroom was given the feature treatment of a vinyl mural (created by Anewall), depicting the Clova Theatre in different eras.  Surrey Archives has a tremendous selection of such photos.

The former janitorial closet was refurbished into a tiny but highly functioning kitchenette for beverage service.

Since the Clova Theatre was so beloved by the community and was such a landmark in the centre of Cloverdale,  Project: Homeworks  and Crossridge Church wanted to honour it's longstanding history.  One way was the use of the murals in all three washrooms.  Three film reels were reconfigured into light fixtures for the ceiling in the foyer, and the original ticket counter was clad in reclaimed barn siding.

Since the church uses their building for community events and movies,  Project: Homeworks designed cabinet work on casters for the foyer that can be moved into place for such events.

New seating replaced the existing in the theatre, with new LED lighting sconces on the walls.